wingspan : 75/84 mm

Heliconius cydno is an extremely variable butterfly, and the presently described ssp and forms are probably not very reliable.

all we can say is :
- East of the Reserve, and at 1400 m, we found exclusively yellow forms (las Juntas - page 992) ;
- West of the Reserve, at sea level, exclusively white forms (on this page) ;
- between the two : - at 6/800 m, we found about 50% white and 50% yellow forms (Lita - page 413),
                             - and farther West, at 7/900 m, the ratio was two white for one yellow (Alto Tambo - page 916) ;
- and at los Cedros, 1200 m, near Chontal, many yellow forms, and just two white ones, (los Cedros - page 424).

it is can also be noted that the HW border varies:
- far from Colombia (Bilsa and los Cedros) - from wide to very wide,
- close to Colombia (las Juntas, Lita, Alto Tambo, Calderón) - from almost absent to narrow, except in Lita where it can be wide.

at Calderon only white forms and thin HW submarginal rim.

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