wingspan : male 77/90, female 83/97mm

until very recently the taxonomy of Prepona laertes made no sense ; but a new review by Dayana Bonfantti (Universidade Federal do Paraná - Fevereiro 2014) seems to clarify things.

this butterfly is Prepona demodice (no subspecies), a species that flies from Mexico to the Guyanas, Bahia and West of the Andes in Colombia and Ecuador.

seen at las Juntas, from Lita to San Lorenzo, at Bilsa and between Puerto Quito and Pedro Vicente Maldonado.

Prepona demodice a Calderón
Prepona demodice a Calderón
Prepona demodice a las Juntas
Prepona demodice al Este de Lita
Prepona demodice a Calderón
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