wingspan : 75/84 mm

Heliconius cydno is an extremely variable butterfly, and the presently described ssp and forms are probably not very reliable.

all we can say is :
- East of Reserve, and at 1400 m, we found exclusively yellow form (las Juntas - page 992) ;
- West of the Reserve, at see level, exclusively white forms (Calderón - page 999) ;
- between the two : - at 6/800 m, we found about 50% white and 50% yellow forms (on this page),
                             - and farther West, at 7/900 m, the ratio was two white for one yellow (Alto Tambo - page 916) ;
- and at los Cedros, 1200 m, near Chontal, many yellow forms, and just one white one, (los Cedros - page 424).

it is can also be noted that the HW border varies:
- far from Colombia (Bilsa and los Cedros) - from wide to very wide,
- close to Colombia (las Juntas, Lita, Alto Tambo, Calderón) - from almost absent to narrow, except in Lita where it can be wide.

on this page males individual variations.

Heliconius cydno al río Chuchuvi

around Lita, white forms and yellow forms in equal numbers, HW submarginal bands wide - subject to exceptions.

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